Support For Youth Development

Support For Youth Development

ConvoDream Foundation :A step to build a strong “Youth Foundation” and fulfill their Dreams.

We served over a decade in the HR Industry and our experience brings us to work together to impound an issue from our industry, “Youth Employment”. 

Working towards a direction with focus always gives you options for more. We have one more responsibility to take up.

It’s often observed recently that the bank balance of a family determines the quality of Education the child is getting.

It’s often observed that reserved seats don’t add true deserving valued individuals for the privilege. This brings a blind spot for those who are good and deserving but unlucky to have a platform.

We at ConvoDream Foundation aim to help our youth with a chance to fly high. A chance to learn, implement and grow. We call this project a Foundation for a reason .

We focus on fixing the foundations of people who require more training to walk into this world of competition. Unlike others don’t ask for resources that provide basic necessities for the poor. We accept your support for the growth of our youth .

Your support will help someone improve their flaws, develop their strength and excel in the steep of growth. It’s not only about discovering your strengths but also to help the people around you build on their natural talents.
As per our observation we have noticed , in recent times People are not getting their desired jobs and on the other side companies are finding it difficult to find skilled employees they want to hire for their company. Our Focus is to build a gap between the two.

We focus on training and developing the skills of an individual and provide the right human resource at the right place.

We all have spoken a lot about unemployment, but no one wants to work for the reason of unemployment. 

We want to take a step for our future.

This is what we envision:

  • We at ConvoDream Foundation want to help youth by brainstorming on their start-ups and help them grow.
  • We at ConvoDream Foundation want to help companies who are looking for employees according to their prerequisites.
  • We at ConvoDream Foundation want to help people bring the best out of them by training them and developing their inner strengths & skills.
  • We want to build a training center for the Jobless people to help them grow and learn different skills free of cost.

You grow X
We grow  ✓

Our biggest vision is to establish a Training & Development Centre. A place where no skill gets wasted and no talent remains hidden.

It’s not just a step towards finding solutions for unemployed individuals, it’s a step towards matching the problem of unavailability of appropriate human resources at the right place.

Companies often face this issue and HR has his employee turnover stress quite a times.

Our lucrative proposition to all of you is to join our resources and bring a platform for many people to use the best of themselves.

The ConvoDream Foundation wants to take responsibility for companies facing hiring problems or an individual facing difficulties finding a job.

Someone has to step up, this time it’s us. Join our hands to develop the nation, let humanity meet its purpose.

We accept your support to see all the young eyes in pride and all the old eyes in sigh of relief.

Diwali is just round the corner and we would like your support for a Nobel cause. We at CONVOCARE believe in supporting the underprivileged people by giving them opportunity to live with dignity and respect.

Our vision is to give a platform to develop their skills and help them with better job opportunities. When you buy the Marble Lord Ganesh Idol and Diya from us ; you are supporting the skilled craftsman who are working hard at the rural places in India and also supporting the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Andheri East.

We will be donating to this club, to further support more charity projects under the Banner of Inner Wheel Club. Help us build an Independent India.